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Robin and his Oakwood guitar
I've been playing music, painting and drawing for longer than is sensible, and it gets more enjoyable as the years pass. The Sheffield area is my home and the inspiration for a lot of my art work can be found in South Yorkshire and the nearby Peak District, although my subject matter can come from much further afield. I'm happy to accept commissions on almost any subject, portraits, landscapes, figures, seascapes or interiors, I'll have a go at almost anything. Paintings come in oils, watercolour and acrylic, and drawings in pencil or ink. I also lead art and music workshops at various places around the area, for more details please contact me.
Please use the navigation buttons on the left to select a gallery. The galleries include a mixture of my paintings and drawings. Please click the 'contact' button if you have any comments or if you would like to commission a painting or drawing. While you're here why not have a look at my music, recording and teaching pages?

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